Antarctica Advisors named as “Most Prolific M&A Advisory Firm” in the Seafood Industry by Undercurrent News

Miami. July 20, 2017 – Antarctica Advisors LLC, the leading Seafood Industry-focused M&A advisory firm, was named as the “Most Prolific M&A Advisory Firm Focused on The Seafood Sector” by the reputable industry publication, Undercurrent News, in their recent “Seafood’s Top Dealmakers” report.

Antarctica Advisors is an independent investment banking firm providing corporate clients in the Seafood Industry with a wide range of specialized services, including M&A and Capital Raise advisory. Antarctica’s Seafood Team is uniquely positioned to assist clients globally with combination of industry knowledge, financing expertise and track record of success in deal execution.

The “Seafood’s Top Dealmakers” report was published for the first time in July 2017 by Undercurrent News, a leading industry publication focused on the global seafood sector. The 400-page report includes exclusive interviews with advisors, bankers and executives along with profiles of investment and advisory companies.
Ignacio Kleiman, Managing Partner of Antarctica Advisors, commented on the acknowledgement by Undercurrent News: “Being recognized by such a reputable publication in the global Seafood Industry is a great honor for our firm and our team of specialized M&A advisors. As a key competitive advantage, we provide our corporate clients with knowledge-based M&A advisory services tailored to each situation by leveraging our experience, global relationships and track-record of successful deal execution in the Seafood Industry.”

“M&A activity has been at a sustained high level since the recovery from the financial crisis. Just our firm, Antarctica Advisors, has been involved in close to US$ 1 billion in transaction value for the last 18 months.” Ignacio Kleiman told Undercurrent News in an interview.
Kleiman is bullish that the dynamics in the sector mean the deals will keep on coming.
“We think we will observe the highest level of activity in the family-owned segment of the market. There is a lot of grey hair in the segment, and these companies remain under tremendous competitive pressure” he said.
“We have observed a number of trends fueling M&A in the Seafood Industry. In the case of the family-owned companies, it can be lack of succession, growth capita and/or the need for larger scale operations to service large national customers” he said. “In case of the larger players, it is usually the need to integrate either upstream into the resource or other strategic inputs or downstream, to gain market share or access to certain clients.” Kleiman commented.

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